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    Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 19th July 2012 Written Update


    Maanvi and Jeevika are discussing the pros and cons of Virat's departure ..Maanvi is listing out all the pluses of Virat's departure while Jeevika begins to understand that Maanvi actually yearns for Virat ..Beeji who had been overhearing the conversation between the sisters approves of Maanvi's decision..

    Mr.Rajiv Talwar makes his entry and quickly gets friendly with the members of the Vadera Family..Just as he gets introduced , Vanshika walks in and both Vanshika and Rajiv are startled to see one another ...It transpires that both Vanshika and Rajiv are classmates and from the way Rajiv reacts , It looks as if he had a crush on her in the college days ..

    Virat is instructing Dabbo on how to care for Maanvi and what are the steps to take when Maanvi reacts to the Chemo and medicines..Jeevika listens to the conversation , Light finally dawns as she understands the depth of Virat's love...
    Jeevika gets ready to leave for Chandigarh.. She informs Beeji that she will be leaving with Daboo and that Virat will be staying on in Rishikesh , to look after Maanvi...Beeji looks slightly displeased as she is worried about the consequence but before she can utter a word , Jeevika blurts out that none can take care of Maanvi like Virat ...She states that knowing that Virat is present to care for Maanvi will relieve her mind of worry.. Jeevika requests Beeji to grant permission for Virat's stay ..Before Beeji can open her mouth, Badi Beeji gives her approval and permission..Beji finds her hands Tied ..

    Swamini calls up to enquire whether Jeevika has started her journey with Virat and comes to know thaat Virat has stayed back n Jeevika will be accompanied by Dabboo... Swamini and Dadaji are displeased .. Dadaji wishes to speak to Virat , Virat politely but firmly states his mission to win Maanvi ..Dadaji is angry..

    Beeji is worried about the impact of Virat's stay on both the families while the battle of wills continues with Maanvi and Virat with Virat saying come what may , he will always win.

    The Choudhry's are at the dining table , ready to have break fast ...when Virat comes in carrying Maanvi on his arms.. Family is surprised.


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