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    Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 17th July 2012 Written Update


    Starts with where yesterdays episode was left off. Beeji over hearing BB and Virat's convo. Beeji asks Virat to come with her as she needs to talk something important.
    She takes him to Maanvi's room and asks her whats going on between them both. Maanvi is silent and then beeji turns to Virat and asks if what he was telling BB was truth? She asks if he came Rishikesh and cut his hair only for her.. He says yes. Beeji tells that she was unsure about their friendship. Virat tells that he loves Maanvi. Beeji tells its impossible. Maanvi is in a very bad condition. Virat tells that Love is much more stronger and can heal anything. Beeji tells that its not right time. Beeji turns to Maanvi. Virat asks Maanvi to tell the truth. She tells him to go away. Beeji also asks him to go away. Virat is persistant. He tells that he wont leave until he accomplishes his mission. He want to win the love of Maanvi. He tells he'll do what he wanna do in 7 days and he can convince everyone in this time. He seeks blessings of Beeji and walks away. Maanvi is silent and Beeji doesnt know what to say.
    Beeji goes to Jeevika and tells that she knows that Jeevika knows everything but hiding. Beeji tells that Maanvi's condition is bad. But Jeevika tells that Virat is stubborn and gets what he want. Beeji asks if Vadhera members know about this. Jeevika tells yes and also tells that this was the reason why they came back to Rishikesh. Beeji is worried that Jeevika's life might get disturbed due to all this and asks her to go back asap.
    She tells that all her family members understand her but she is worried only about Virat. She asks why God has done this to them. Beeji tells that God has given them tough days, he will only solve them.

    After Break
    Viren meets that new entry, Mr.Talwar in a restaurant. They talk about some random stuff and about India and being desi. Viren asks if his wife is desi, too. He tells that he is a one man show and tells that he loved a woman in his college days but she was married to someone else and he stayed single all along.
    In Rishikesh, Virat feeding Samosas to kids. They asks if Virat feeds them Samosas daily. He tells he will give anything they want. The kids and Dabbu asks if he wanted to become their jeeju from Bhaiyya with their support. He asks whats wrong in him. Dabbu tells that there is nothing wrong but have to know if he is fit for being their jeeju. They tell that he has to pass the test they conduct.

    They ask him to define maanvi in one word - he says life
    They ask if he ever becomes angry on Maanvi - He tells if he gets angry with her, Anger itself gets angry on him
    They ask if he leaves Maanvi ever - He tells that no matter what, he will never leave her.

    Finally, they ask him to tell Kachcha papita, pakka Papita 10 times...
    He does it. Dabbu tells that they now agree him as their jeeju...
    Everyone happy...

    After Break 2-
    Beeji calls SB and tells that she came to know why Virat came and all. She asks SB why they didnt try to stop him. She tell that Virat was stubborn and never listened to anyone. Beeji asks Sb if Viren didnt tell anything to Virat on this issue. SB tells that he isn't speaking anything on the issue, may be cuz of Jeevika as she approves of VirMan. Beeji interrupts by saying that for Jeevika, its always her in-laws first. She turns back only to find Mannu listening to her. Mannu goes away.
    She goes to Jeevika and apologizes for not listening to her when she came Rishikesh last time (Being away from Virat and all). She tells sorry that she is losing a healthy relationship with her family cuz of her. Jeevika tells that her family members understand her and it Mannu who she is worried about. She tells that the Love Mannu has for Virat clearly reflects in her eyes. And if she had the power, she would take all the sadness from Mannu's life and keep it for herself. They hug.



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