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    Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 16th July 2012 Written Update


    In the kitchen maanvi is tensed and she blames jeevika for virat's appearance at hrishikesh. Jeevika assures her that she will do something and will get rid of virat soon. Maanvi tells her to make him leave within 7 days. Jeevika is utterly confused with whatever is going onLOL
    Viren's Office: A New Entry Shown
    Viren is waiting in his office for someone who is supposedly late for his appointment. A new man named as Rajeev Talwar appears. He is a client of viren who is shown to be a very happy go lucky guy. Jeevika calls viren during his meeting and tells him that it is all his fault that virat is there and he should never have told virat about aamnvi's feelings. Viren tells her that he will call her back later as he is in a meeting and also says that he doesn't think that he committed any mistake by telling virat the truth.

    Virat comes to a crying jeevika and tells her that he didn't come there with any wrong intention. He only came to win over his love. He only asks her to give him 7 days to prove his love and get his love. Jeevika melts down seeing his honesty. She cups his face in her hands and asks him " You love mannu soo much virat?". They share a short little emotional hug.
    Virat shares a cute little conversation with badi beeji where he says that maanvi may live his share of life too. And he promises that he wont let anything happen to maanvi. Badi beeji asks him not to feel defeated and make maanvi confess her love for him anyhow. He makes a promise to badi beeji that he will do the same and without doing that he wont leave hrishikesh. Beeji hears everything from behind.

    In the dining table Virat tells beeji that he will find his girl within 7 days . Maanvi says its not possible in hrishikesh so its better if he returns back to chandigrah. Virat puts up a bet with her saying that he will get his girl in hrishikesh and that also within 7 days. He says he has his mother and sister-in-law with him in this mission. Maanvi says that his sister-in-law is her own blood-related sister and she wont support him. Virat says , " tumhaara rishta baasi ho chuka hai, mera abhi bhi fresh fresh hai so bhabi mera saath dengi"ROFL. And they start pulling a confused jeevika towards each other getting her sandwichwed between the two. At the end, badi beeji too supports virat and says that she is with him in this.

    Vadhera House:
    In the Wadhera house a doctor comes and tells dadji and bua jii that maanvi's cancer did spread a lot. It is almost impossible for her to get cured now. And her treatment will take a lot of time. there is no chace of her getting cured soon. He also says that only some miracle can get her out of this cancer. Buajii starts panicking hearing all this. She appeals to virat's mom to keep aise her feelings and to be strict with virat as they cant let virat travel through a sinking ship.

    Beeji confronts virat in front of maanvi asking him why he came to hrishikesh and also telling him that her conception about them being only friends is no more there. Virat accepts that He loves maanvi. Maanvi looks at him with shocked expressions.


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