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    Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 21th July 2012 Written Update


    Swamini disapproves of Viraat's accommodation to go to Rishikesh but Vanshika supports him. Daboo brings the neighbourhood kids to the abode to acclamation up Maanvi. Jeevika gets affronted if Viren informs her that Viraat knows about Maanvi’s activity for him and he is advancing to Rishikesh to win Maanvi’s love. Maanvi is abashed by Viraat's abrupt appointment to Rishikesh.
    Viraat and Maanvi absence anniversary other. Badi Beeji criticizes Jeevika for befitting them apart. Jeevika explains to her that it was Maanvi's accommodation to break abroad from Viraat. Viraat letters Maanvi but she advisedly does not reply. Jeevika asks Viren to accumulate Maanvis’s animosity for Viraat a secret. But Viraat learns the accuracy and decides to go to Rishikesh to win Maanvi’s love. The Vadhera ancestors is not admiring with his decision.

    Maanvi letters Viraat from Jeevika's mobile. Jeevika blurts out to Viren that Maanvi is in adulation with Viraat. Viren tries to back the account to Virat. Virat feels that he has absent Maanvi's accord by confessing his adulation to her. Vanshika is afraid about Viraat. Madan comments about Maanvi's chastened behaviour to Beeji. The ancestors tries to be airy about Maanvi. Swamini and Dadaji allocution about Maanvi at the dining table but Viren changes the affair so that Viraat is not hurt.
    Maanvi pens a departing letter to the Vadhera ancestors which touches Viraat’s affection if he reads it. Swamini discusses with Vanshika that Viraat needs to accept a applied access in activity and anticipate above Maanvi. Beeji is bootless in advancement the abruptness aspect of Maanvi's acknowledgment to Rishikesh from the family. Badi Beeji advises the ancestors to break composed in animosity of Maanvi's hair loss. Jeevika is alleged by Viren to acquisition out about Maanvi's bloom to animate Viraat. Maanvi and Jeevika are accustomed acquiescently by the family. Daboo even tries to adumbrate Maanvi's adjust but she in fact sees it.


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