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    Will Maanvi finally confess her love for Viraat?


    Viraat and Maanvi from Ek Haazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai have true love each for each but Maanvi has distanced herself from Viraat because of her terminal illness.There are mixed reactions in the family even though Viren and Jeevika know that they are surely a 'made for each other' couple.
    We have seen that Jeevika instructs Daboo to accompany her to Chandigarh while Viraat takes care of Maanvi in Rishikesh. An emotionally disturbed Maanvi requests Viraat to forget her and her memories and start life afresh. Viraat also knows through Viren that Maanvi loves him selflessly but for her love means sacrifice now, considering that she's suffering from cancer.
    Our source from STAR Plus says," Maanvi is confused in her mind whether she should accept Viraat's love or not. She wants to accept his love but what does the future have in store for them?"
    It appears that Maanvi is in a dilemma regarding the love of her life.So, will she reveal and reciprocate her love for Viraat ? Will Viraat and Maanvi have a fairy tale romance?

    Don't forget to catch all the action on the Maha Episode of Ek Haazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai, on Saturday 21st July at 7PM.


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