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    My Character in Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai is Different From Other Soap Leads, says Krystle D'Souza


    Krystle D’Souza, who essays the role of Jeevika in Cinevistaas’ Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain on Star Plus, claims that her character is completely different from other daily soap leads.
    While others cry buckets, I weep only mugs”, she exclaims. Explaining her above remark, she goes on, “If this current cancer track was shown in some other show, my character would have broken down, but here Jeevika stands by her sick sister Maanvi (Niaa Sharma) who she loves very much. Even when her sister has lost all her hair due to chemotherapy, she tells Maanvi that she is beautiful. In one scene, she obviously can’t cry in front of Maanvi but weeps when she comes out of her room and embraces both Viren (Karan Tacker) and Virat (Kushal Tandon). Personally, that was a very emotional scene to enact. I know this is just a show and people who really go through this suffering will know what the pain is, but for me this unit is like my family.”
    On the awareness of cancer, Krystle states, “Cancer is quite common these days. However, I have seen many cases where if it is detected in the first stage, the patient has got fully cured. The same thing will happen with Maanvi.”
    Krystle also does not have any problem with the fact that as of now Niaa is stealing the show. “I have no problem with taking a back seat. All said and done the show will always be about the intense love between the two sisters.”
    Returning to the main point of the character being different, Krystle adds, “We have shown great romantic chemistry between my husband Viren and me. Everything that has been portrayed has been very natural.”
    In closing, Krystle informs us that, if she gets some time off, she would like to take off on a solo vacation. “I like to be with myself and can jolly well fend for my vacation. Having said this, I am as of now preoccupied with my show, having to give 28 days in a month to it. The remaining two days are when I can get sick and attend award shows (smiles).”



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