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    Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 26th July 2012 Written Update


    The Two Young Cubs walk in to meet the waiting welcoming committee who want to shower the Brother duo with love,... Dadaji opens the sharing of Love notes ...demanding to know what the Brothers are cooking in their heads.. The whole Family surrounds the brothers and pour all their love ..A Hesitating Viren broaches the subject of re-marriage of Vanshika, the family are stunned for a second but begin to find the plus points in Viren's suggestion of re-marrying Vanshika with Rajiv ...Just when everything is going smoothly , kadambari applies the first break by pointing out that Vanshika is still in love with Viren's father... She will not agree for the marriage ...Virat supports Kadambari's stand and points out one can fall in love only once and says that he cannot accept it...Dadaji seems to be contemplating and mulling over the matters ..Viren urges Dadaji to give the issue a thought and have a talk with Vanshika..Vanshika who had gone out , comes in the middle of family discussion n overhears everything ...She categorically refuses to carry anyone but Viren's father in her heart...
    Vanshika feels shattered by the decision of Viren, informs Viren that she can never leave without her husband and as long as as she has her two kids , she will always see the traces of her husband... Vanshika says that love & Marriage happen only once .. She begs Viren never ever to think of separating her from the house ..Viren is very much moved and promises never to broach the subject again...The other Vadera's congregate around the mother & Son and swear never to talk about re-marriage either ... * Pheww the brief drama ends without flooding the Vadera Mansion ** All izz well !!
    Viren is sitting on the bed , ruing his foolish act , realizing that one can never forget their loved one ..Jeevika consoles him.. Viren continues saying that bec of this ill thought out venture, he had to call Virat and now Virat will insist on leaving for Rishikesh leading to another round of tension...Jeevika assures that Virat need not go to Rishikesh as he has won the bet ..Viren is ecstatic ..n calls up Maanvi..
    Meanwhile the Love birds are in deep conversation via phone..Maanvi is all praises for Viren's action ...Maanvi expresses her fears that the family may not react positively n tells him to exercise restraint ..Virat blithely says jab Pyar kiya tho darna kya...just then Maanvi gets a phone call from Viren who congratulates her n also commiserates with her..Maanvi shares her concerns with Viren who assures her oh his support ...
    Viren decide to leave for Rishikesh in time for Rakshbandhan as Aug 2 is nearing..He leaves to congratulate Virat ..while Jeevika goes to check the dates and finds the date 2 circled in Green.. she is hit by giddiness while looking at the date ...

    Viren is advising to Virat who is in his own world ...about his love life..


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