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    Kushal Tandon is Appreciated!


    Kushal Tandon’s initiative to shed to his hair for his role has been received well by all his fans…
    Kushal Tandon's initiative to shed his lustrous mane for his role of Viraat in Star Plus show Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain has been applauded by all his fans and supporters.
    The show focuses on Maanvi , a cancer patient who is undergoing chemotherapy sessions and as a result loses her hair. Viraat to show solidarity and support also cuts his hair short leaving his family shocked.
    We spoke to Kushal Tandon who told us that it was the demand of the script –" Script demanded me to cut my hair and it seemed right in the storyline. I was not forced by the production house and it was my decision to do so."
    We further asked him as to why did he not support a bald look –"The scene was shot in the room. If common sense prevails, I could have not taken a razor and simply shaved my head off. I had a trimmer and trimmed my hair."
    Viraat's new look has been appreciated by the fans but his family has taken this with a pinch of salt. Let's see how he manages to placate them!


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