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    Scene Of The Week - Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai

    With all the emotional sequences wearing off the actors and actresses alike and even the viewers feeling all drained out after some really impactful emotional sequences this week the show decided to keep it a bit light. The scene that made it to the list this week is the Bhabhi-Devar scene between Jeevika and Viraat. Viewers really look forward to the scenes between these two and they are fast becoming the Favorite Bhabhi-Devar of Telly World. More than anything Viraat wanted to stay with Maanvi and take care of her, but his duty as a devaar bounded him and he agrees to go with Jeevika when news of Viren falling ill reach Hrishikesh. Jeevika expresses her views that its good that Viraat is accompanying her . Viraat goes on to tell his Bhabhi that its very hard to stay away from our loved ones especially when they are ill. He takes Jeevika and Viren as an example when Jeevika tries to make him understand that Jeevika-Viren and Maanvi-Virat are different from each other.Virat disagrees and tells her that they aren’t because the foundation in either case was “LOVE”. Virat makes Jeevika see the fact that Viren’s cold will clear off in 3 days, but was that the case with Maanvi? His this one statement brings tears to Jeevika’s eyes and she finally understands the depth of Viraat’s Love. It was one of the most beautiful scene this week coz Jeevika’s confusion regarding the Virat-Maanvi relationship was something that needed to be cleared pronto. Krystal and Kushal were awesome and the scene definitely tugged the hearts of the viewers.

    Credits Goes To Real Uploader TellyTadka


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