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    Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 23rd July 2012 Written Update


    Jeevika thinks to call up maanvi but then she dismisses the idea and plans to video chat with her. Both of them talk via video conference and maanvi informs jeevika that she understood what jeevika meant and she has asked virat to leave the house and also that they have no future together. Jeevika tells her that she never meant that and she wants maanvi to be happy and maanvi can never be happy while arguing and quarreling with virat. Maanvi says I understand you but nothing is going to change only with you and jiju's support as all the other family members are strictly against our relation and i cant make everyone sad for my happiness only.
    Talwar appears at Vadhera House during dinner time to give an Important file to Viren. Dadaji urges him to have dinner with them and he agrees. Viren's mom becums uncomfortable seeing him. Dadaji asks him about why he didn't get married inspite of him being such a "happy go lucky guy". He says that when it was time to get married , he didn't get any girl...and when he got a girl whom he liked time was not with him...and now its the age for him to get married. He and viren's mom shared a short little look with each other which didn't go unnoticed by viren.
    Talwar and viren's mom share a moment with each other when she asks him about his choice of girl. The description he gives makes her laugh out loud. She was enjoying his company when Viren sees his mom having a laugh. He gives an impressive look to talwar and starts thinking.
    Later on Viren asks Talwar about the girl he talked to him once. Talwar tries to avoid him by delaying the discussion. He says no delaying is needed and he should talk about it as the girl still is loved and remembered by him. Talwar says its better to keep something as a secret forever. But Viren then shows his mom (who was talking on phone) and asks him whether she is his college friend about whom he was taking. Talwar becums uncomfortable and leaves the house without saying anything.
    Heavy Storm and Rain strucks Hrishikesh. Virat is shown fighting with mother nature to protect the one leaf about which maanvi talked. He is covering the leaf with his both hands and guarding it against all the odds that could blow it off from the tree ( The song Tu Jahaan Main Wahaan ...sang sgang yun chalu tere jaise tera aasmaan is played in background along with flashback scenes). Maanvi is sleeping in her room but due to strong wind her window opens up. She goes to lock the window and finds Virat standing outside under the rain protecting the single leaf. She screams out his name but Virat is busy guarding the poor single leaf.
    Maanvi goes out of the house and runs towards him . She cries and screams and asks him to come inside. He says firmly to her that she should go inside leaving him there as she may get sick. Maanvi asks him , "Are you made of stone??? what makes you think the you wont get sick?"
    Virat says , " you told me that your life is like this leaf. Storm and wind will blow it away. Now see, I am guarding this leaf...No matter a thousand storm comes, A thousand wind blows I will NOT let it blow this leaf away. I will protect it. And like this leaf, I will protect you too. No matter how many stroms and winds come into your life...I will stand in front of you and before you I will take them and I wil NEVER let anything happen to you. This is my PROMISE to you...VIRAT VADHERA'S PROMISE TO YOU".
    Maanvi gets angry and she says out loud that " Fine, you stay here... You wont listen to me..You stay and get wet and then get sick. I dont care!!!! WHO ARE YOU FOR ME ???" And then starts moving towards the house again turning her back towards virat.
    Virat turns now towards her and asks , "Maanvi, AM I NOTHING TO YOU???"
    That strikes Maanvi hard.Everything Virat said till today, Every moment they shared together, Every little pain he took for her, Every assurance he gave her till date comes down to her crushing every bit of her resolve. She runs with her heart towards virat and hugs him tight finally uttering the words out loud, " YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING VIRAT...EVERYTHING...MY SOUL, MY HEART, MY REASON TO BREATHE...I LOVE YOU".
    Virat also returns her love saying, " I love You Maanvi".

    Virat gives Tea to Maanvi and asks her whether its good. Maanvi says its nice. She says that their love story is in track now but they will have to move through many 'Red Signals' and she does not want him to go against his family becoz of her...and also its her diii's family and she doesn't want her diii to get puzzled in between all this.


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