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    Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 20th July 2012 Written Update


    The epi starts with Jeevika returning Chandigarh and she checks on Viren. He, in sleep thinks Jeevika is in his dream but gets up when he hears Jeevika's voice. She tells him that Viraat stayed back at Hrishikesh and Viren is very happy that Virman will get some time alone.

    Kadambri Chachi, Vanshikha ans Bua are talking. Swamini says its wrong on the part of Viraat to send Jeevika with Dabbu as he is a kid. Virika come and Jeevika tries to defend Viraat and Viren supports Jeevika when Swamini says that Jeevika is wrong. Swamini doesnt like this and she leaves the room. Dabbu overhears this and asks Jeevika to let him go back to Hrishikesh. Viren convinces him and takes him out for sight seeing/entertainment.
    Beeji is angry at Viraat for staying back and does not respond to anything that he speaks. He asks forgiveness but Beeji still ignores him. She asks Chachu to bring Maanvi for breakfast. Chachu goes in Maanvi's room and asks her to come fast as her favourite Parantha's have been prepared. Maanvi hides her pain and tells him to go down as she ll get fresh and come.
    After a long time of wait, Viraat goes to Maanvi and asks her to come down. Maanvi tries to pretend as if she isnt hungry but Viraat catches her lie and asks her if she isnt feeling well. Maanvi, gives up and tells him about the pain in her feet. Viraat helps Maanvi to get up but picks her in his lap when she is unable to balance. Maanvi asks her if he is some magician that he gets to know everything about her without her speaking anything. Viraat says yes, I have a special Mantra "Om Manvi Namah" .
    Beeji and Chachu are shocked but Badi Beeji is happy to see Viraat carrying Maanvi. Viraat justifies his action and Beeji gives a faint smile.
    Beeji is pressing Maanvi's feet and scolding her for hiding things. Viraat comes in and brings Hot water bottle for Maanvi. He puts it on her feet and gives her signals "I Love You"
    Pinky Chachi comes back from her maternal home and is very excited. She asks why Maanvi is wearing a scarf in such a hot weather. Beeji diverts her talks and goes along with her to see what all has she brought thus leaving Virman alone in the rooom.
    Maanvi asks Viraat why is he after her, You should have loved some one else and settled in life. Viraat says i am Besharam because i have already given you my heart, and how can you imagine any one living without his heart? He says I ll wait till you don't give words to your feelings and angrily leaves from there.

    JeeVika applying oil to Viren and he assures Jeevika that everything will be fine very soon. Jeevika asks Viren to not talk harshly with Swamini again.
    Viren calls Mr Talwar and asks him to visit his home once again as he isnt well and Jeevika wont let him go out. Mr Talwar is confused but agrees. Virika into their romance when Maanvi calls Jeevika. She tells her that whenever Viraat is near her, she isnt able to control her feelings.
    Jeevika asks her to stop worrying about the future and live her present. take away all that her today has to give her. She tells her to accept Viraat's love and be happy. She asks her to forget everything and just listen to her heart <3

    Maha Episode's Precap :- Maanvi asks Viraat about what did he talk with her parents, Viraat tells her that he has lightened a diya in their name and kept on watching it till it vanished from his eyes. I told them them that i ll always take care of you. Maanvi is about to confess her love.


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