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    Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 24th July 2012 Written Update


    Maanvi says ILU to Virat, Virat tells that both have one and tells that he loves her. He tells that he is so happy and he tells her that they will go home or else they will get malaria instead of lovaria.
    Virat makes Tea for Maanvi and she asks why he made tea for her. She would have made it. She takes a sip and Virat asks if its not good. She tells that its not about tea, she is worried about their love and all the hurdles they have to face.
    Virat tells now that he made maanvi agree, he can make others agree too. He tells that he wanted to make something special. Maanvi asks what and Virat holds her finger, Maanvi runs away but he catches her. Maanvi blushing and walking away, Virat holds her again. And they dance. Maanvi tells please and virat too tells please. She tells that he cant touch her. He tells that he touched her before too, she tells he was her friend then, and a partner, but now.. Virat asks what he is now. Maanvi is trying to walk away and tells Virat to sleep. He tells that he dont want to sleep cuz this reality might turn out as a dream. Maanvi tells that she have to tell the good news to her sis, Virat tells that he have to tell his bro.
    At Chandigarh, Viren is unable to sleep, jeevika asks whats wrong. He asks Jeevika to promise not to tell anyone and tells her that the woman who Mr.Talwar loved for 30 yrs is Vanshika. Jeevika asks him not to worry and asks him to find out how Vanshika is feeling. Viren tells that he had seen his mom so happy after years together while talking to Mr.Talwar. Jeevika tells Viren not to take away his mom's happiness. Viren tells he have to ask Virat first..

    After Break -
    Maanvi sleeping and Virat adjusts her blanket and then he gets a call from viren. He tells Viren that he was about to call him. Viren asks howz everyone. He tells that every one is okay. Viren asks Virat to come back to chandigarh soon.He tells he'll start the next day.
    Maanvi, on bed thinks about Virat and tells that he plays guitar very well, she wakes up and thinks to herself that Virat isn't there and how this music has come. She tells its love. She then notices a card with a heart on it saying good morning. She tells "good morning partner" and then she finds another card on the mirror and another one in the wardrobe and also a teddybear. the card says she must think Virat as teddybear and hug it until he comes back. She hugs the teddy and then realises where Virat has gone. She calls him and he tells that he is going to chandigarh as Viren called him. She tells that she'll miss her and Virat tells he is missing her already.
    Maanvi goes outside with the teddy and BB asks where Virat is. She shows the teddy and tells that the teddy as Virat. She then tells that he has gone to Chandigarh.
    Dabbu asks that Virat wouldnt go until he will make maanvi confess. Chachi tells that Virat is like Salman Khan and doesnt give up until he wins and that means, he already won. Maanvi smiles and BB tells that Maanvi lost to Virat. She smiles
    Jeevika and Viren planning to talk to Vanshika. They go to the kitchen and Viren tells that he wanted to talk about her about her life. He tells that he want to talk about love, Vanshika asks if its VirMan's love. Virat is stammering and telling that he is talking in general about people and love. He tells that Love can happen with anyone, anytime at anyplace. Vanshika tells that she dont understand a word and she is going to SB to discuss about menu. Jeevika pulling Viren;s leg telling Viren that he failed. Viren tells Jeevika to give tea to his mom.

    After Break 2-
    Maanvi calls Jeevika. Jeevika asks why she is so happy and is that the matter. She tells yes and tells that she told yes to her Devar. But Maanvi tells that she is worried about whats going to happen. Jeevika tells that its not about VirMan and its about something else she'll tell later. Jeevika asks what everyone's reaction is. Maanvi tells everyone is happy. Jeevika went out and will be back and she dunno how Beeji will think. Jeevika tells that Beeji will accept them. Maanvi tells that Jeevika was right about love and its the best feeling ever. She was incomplete and love made her complete. They both tell love you to each other.

    Virat tells Viren that Vanshika always loved and will always love her husband and no one can take his dad's place. Viren tells that he had supported virat in all his decisions. Virat tells that he will never allow someone to take his Dad's place.


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