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    Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 18th July 2012 Written Update


    SB, Vanshika and Bauji worries about viren cuz he didnt reach home yet. He comes sneezing and tells that he couldnt call. They ask him to rub his head.
    At Rishikesh, Maanvi calls "partner" probably in pain while sleeping. Virat is there, he recalls their moments. He goes and rubs her hands. Jeevika watches it and thinks to herself why Virat loves and Wants Mannu that much.
    At, Vadhera house, SB checks temperature of Viren, he tells its becaus of cold cuz he got wet in rain. He tells SB to sleep and this light fever will go away soon. SB tells that it would be better if Jeevika was there. Viren tells that its better for Jeevika to stay with mannu. Vanshika tells that she stays with him.
    Next Morning - Virat checks on Maanvi who wakes up, sees him and pretends to sleep again. Jeevika comes there and he wished her good morning. Jeevika tells him that he can feel Maanvi's pain more than Jeevika and cares for Mannu more than her. She tells that she have seen him last night. Virat tells her that those were side effects of Chemo and she already had them on her birthday. Jeevika wishes everything was alright. She is happy that God has given a happy moment but also given this big obstacle.Mannu listening to everything.
    Dabbu tells Jeevika that SB asked her to call him back. Virat tells Mannu to stop acting and wake up. He tells that people get insomnia when they are in love. Mannu observes all the medicines there and asks Virat if he has done everything. He tells yes and tells that no one is taking care of him. Only Maanvi can do it. If maanvi says no, he'll become Modern Devdas. lol
    SB tells Jeevika that Viren is suffering from cold and light fever. She tells Jeevika that she hopes Jeevika was in chandigarh cuz Viren misses her. Jeevika tells that she will go back to rishikesh asap.
    Jeevika crying, Mannu comes and asks why. She tells that Viren isn't well and he needs her. Mannu tells her to go to Chandigarh and there are many people to take care of her. She tells Jeevika that she will be happy when everyone is happy. They hug each other and Jeevika tells that there is no other sister like Maanvi.

    After Break -
    SB asks Viren to have some tea. Vanshika gets the medicine. Mr.Talwar calls, he tells that he cant go to office and so, asks him to come home for dinner and they can discuss the case and also meet his family members. He tells SB that Mr.Talwar is coming for Dinner.
    Vanshika asks who is Mr.Talwar, he tells he is an important client.
    At Rishikesh, Jeevika tells Beeji that she wants to go to Rishikesh, Chachu tells that he will book a ticket to Chandigarh the next day. jeevika tells that she want to start right away. Virat tells that he will take Jeevika to Chandigarh. Maanvi shocked. Virat tells Jeevika to pack the luggage and he will get the car.

    After Break 2 -
    Viran packs his stuff and jeevika comes there. She tells that his decision to go to chandigarh with her is right cuz he have to be with family members now. Virat tells that it is difficult to stay away from our loved ones especially when they are ill. He takes Virika for example. Jeevika tells they are different and VirMan are different. Virat tells that its not, both are based on a foundation called "love". He tells that Viran's cold will go away in 3 days but he want to stay with Mannu. He asks her if she can understand what he is saying. Jeevika stands there with tears in her eyes.
    At Chandigarh, Chachi and chachu ask how Viren is. They tell Viren that Jeevika is coming. But Bauji asks if she is coming alone or some one comes with her. Chachi tells that Virat comes with her. SB tells that she is not sure if he will come. Viren tells that Virat is their family member and they have to support him. SB tells that they have to support him in his good, not in his bad. Viren thinks SB might be angry. Vanshika tells that there is truth in what SB said.

    Jeevika gets ready to go, Chachu and beeji asks where Dabbu is, Jeevike tells that he is Dabbu is going with her and Virat is staying. Maanvi looks at him.


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