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    Kushal Tandon robbed!


    Being nice doesn't always pay off and Kushal Tandon, currently seen in Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai, learned this bitter truth recently.

    A few days back, the lad brought home a boy who was in need of work and Kushal needed someone who could cook for him. However, the very next day the new recruit fled leaving the actor poorer by around Rs 10,000 in cash, a diamond ring, laptop, a high end mobile phone, passport and 12 expensive glares. Kushal says, "Apart from other valuables, he took away my trophies which I'd won at various award functions. I have a huge festish for sunglasses and my collection boasted of expensive glares costing upto Rs 12,000. He took all of them. I wanted to help the guy without knowing his background and it backfired. I guess it's not advisable to trust strangers blindly."


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