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    Nia Sharma’s Love for Kids


    Playing the role of the younger sister Manvi in the show, Nia has created a place for herself in the showbiz industry and is confident that she is here to stay. But there is a side of Nia that her fans don't know about and that is her love for young children. She says, "I share a special bond with kids. I love interacting with them and make friends with them easily. I think it's because I start talking their language and connect easily".
    Apart from her love for children, Nia also loves to play basketball. Ask her if she is a foodie at heart and she laughs and says, "Not at all! I am actually the opposite. I can starve myself to keep my tummy flat. I do not eat junk food". Nia admits to love shopping like every girl. She says, "I can run to a mall in every break that I get. But I am not a spendthrift. If I like something, I'll buy it".
    Well, with a serious role on screen, we're sure Nia loves her carefree moments off screen.

    Courtesy: The Times Of India (TOI)


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