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    Niaa Sharma Says That "The Character Of Maanvi Has Overpowered Her"


    Niaa Sharma is a very talented actor and there is absolutely no doubt about it. At the same time, the young girl managed to win many a hearts by accepting to play the complex role of a cancer patient on screen in Cinevistaas’ Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai on Star Plus. And to add more of the realistic touch to it, Niaa put up a bold front to show a bald plate in the serial.

    Appreciations aside, Niaa feels that the character of Maanvi has overpowered her.
    Talking about her present state of mind Niaa states, “It was very difficult for me to portray the sulking, emotional and depressed side of Maanvi after playing the chirpy and bubbly girl initially. When Maanvi laughed and joked, Niaa used to smile too. But now when Maanvi is in such a condition, Niaa too is depressed. Frankly speaking, I had to go through a lot within me to fight this situation and come out of it. I used to go to a secluded place to let out my depression and sorrow. I had a tough time preparing for this particular phase of the story line. And when I get to know that the response has been huge and people have liked the episode, I feel happy and glad.
    On her parents supporting her during this phase, she says, “My parents were the first ones to tell me to go for it (to show the bald plate on screen).
    And when the episode was aired, my mother had tears in her eyes, and my brother messaged me immediately. They are proud of me today, and that makes me feel good.
    And what’s more? The episode wherein Niaa aka Maanvi portrayed a bald plate fetched a huge TRP of 4.7, with the average TVR for the week going up to 3.7.
    Kudos to Niaa for this brilliant portrayal!!


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