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    Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 13th July 2012 Written Update


    Maanvi tells Viraat that she came back just to be away from him, and Viraat says he came to her because he wanted to be near her. He says its impossible to stay away from you because i know you too love me. Maanvi asks him to stay away from her.Viraat comes near her and blocks Maanvi's way so that she doesn't run. He asks her to give words to her feelings and confess her love. Maanvi asks him to go away and says how can i say something that i dont feel..?
    Viraat asks her to keep her hand on her heart and say that she doesnt love him, and if she does so, he ll go back. Maanvi doesn't speak anything and Viraat says he knows that she isnt speaking the truth, I can read it in your eyes and leaves from there.
    Jeevika is thinking about Viren and Viraat comes near her. Viraat dreams about VirMan proposal and both are in white dress looking angelic Heart Viraat comes back into the real world and tells Jeevika that he knows about Maanvi's love for him. Jeevika asks him if Maanvi confessed it to him. Viraat responds in negative and says he can feel it. Viren also told him the same. Jeevika gets restless and expresses his anger on Viren doing the opposite of what was told to him. Viraat asks Jeevika to cool down and tells her that he just fulfilled his responsibility of being a hubby and brother. He kept your promise and never uttered about Maanvi's love and also gave me hints so that i can understand Maanvi's love.
    Jeevika asks him to stay away from Maanvi. Viraat gets down to his knees and begs Jeevika to not separate VirMan at all.
    In the mean time, Beeji and Chachu come back and are surprised to see Viraat in the new avatar. Beeji is suspicious and Chachu takes Viraat along with him.
    Jeevika brings breakfast for Badi Beeji but she refuses to eat it. Viraat comes their and says she ll eat i only when someone will lovingly offer it to her. Badi Beeji is very happy to see Viraat and praises Viraat for his new look.
    Maanvi is looking out of the window to see whether Viraat is nearby and thinks what will Jeevika think if she sees her outside. Viraat scares her from behind and she scolds him. He asks her if she is happy to see him here. He asks her to come for breakfast and tells her that he ll make her confess her love for him in the coming 7 days.
    At the breakfast table, VirMan are staring at each other and Beeji asks Viraat if he came here for timepass or to complete some work..
    Viraat says i am in love with the girls of Hrishikesh and Maanvi coughs. Dabbu says that he has a perfect match for Viraat and that is their maids daughter. Every one laugh and Chachu says that he'll help him find a girl.
    Badi Beeji says there is no need to search a girl, she is right in front of us, but stops in the middle.. Chachu is speechless when Viraat calls JeeMan cute.
    Beeji asks Viraat about the qualities he is looking in a girl and Viraat says the girl is right in front of me--- Maanvi

    PRECAP:- BBG crying!Virat telling agar mere bas chale toh main meri saari saans apne pyaar ko dedu. BG hears it!


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