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    Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 12th July 2012 Written Update


    The Vadera is engaged in another round of parleys debating the pros n cons of Virat-Manvi Love story ** Kash Politicians too engaged with such length, depth on the affairs of our country, it would have been a paradise** ...All the Parivar members are doing doughnuts **Matlab circling and reiterating the same thing* .. Virat firmly affirms his love and vows to win Maanvi's heart n promises to get Maanvi to accept her love for him too ** Duffer does not know that he has already won her heart n admitted it too but not to him **

    The band of Maanvi's friends come to meet Maanvi.. Maanvi is pleased to see them and is engaged in chatting with them...but their words remind her of Virat and she misses him very much although she suppresses the yearning
    Jeevika realizes that Maanvi cares for Virat and is missing him ...She tries to probe and offer comfort..Maanvi quietly informs Jeevika that there is no future between her n Virat !!

    The raging war council continues with Swamini appearing to continue for infinity ...Mercifully ** for the viewer's** Help is at hand and enter eye candy Viren and his charming Mother who predictably stand by LOVE n Virat ...Resolution is passed ..Virat's decision to woo Maanvi is accepted n passed ** Votes table.. Vanshika/Viren -2 Pro Virat ,,, Swamini - 1 Con with 1 neutral in Dadaji**

    Viren calls up Jeevika and there is a cute moment between the two..when a nervous Viren smoothly lets it slip that Virat is on the way to Rishikesh !!! ..Jeevika gets a 1000 volts Shock n ends the call in stunned surprise ** Bechara Viren... has got a passionate tigress as wife Wink **
    A tired Maanvi goes to her room , to rest and feels the effects of Love n Chemo equally !!
    Virat comes to Rishikesh and is invited in cordially by Dabboo n the Gang ...Virat comes to Know that the family are out..
    Maanvi is at the dressing table ..having a inner monologue with herself.. when Virat comes and stands behind her ..Maanvi assumes that it is her inner desire projecting herself and begins a conversation with Him and is very much shocked when the so called portrait obviously replies Back !! ..Maanvi blurts out that He came to Rishikesk to get away from him while Virat retorts that he came to get closer to her !!

    Virat informs Maanvi that he knows that she loves him but will not force her in anyway but will make sure that Maanvi herself will confess her love.


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